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An introduction to Fincon Accounting

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Getting Started with Fincon Accounting


Installing Fincon Accounting


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Ledger Accounts and Journals


Managing all things Inventory

Serial Numbers

Manage all Serial Numbers


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Manage all Merchandise Returns

The Right Solution

FINCON ACCOUNTING is a fully integrated, multi-user, period driven accounting / administration system designed specifically for the computer and related distribution and retail industries.

It provides for 24 periods giving the user 12 months to do a year end and retaining the previous 12 months history still fully accessible in the new financial year. History older than the previous 12 months is archived and accessible for queries only.

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We've gathered a list of the most common issues encountered when using this software product.

Controlling finances and stock in the electronic component industry, such as computer hardware, cellphones etc. presents a challenge due to the nature of the business, be it large or small.

The margins, fast movement, theft risk and unique trading methods present problems that must be solved cost effectively to remain competitive and stay in business.

The tool to help you achieve this control cost effectively is now commercially available in a multi-user, client-server, fully integrated accounting system written specifically for the electronic hardware industry.

FINCON ACCOUNTING, after being under development in South Africa for 6 years, and only available to a select few businesses, it has since 1994 matured and evolved, acquired a commercial image with configurable stationery, printers, users, etc and is immediately available.


What Fincon is all about

Multi Currency Import / Export

Faulty Stock

Serial Number Tracking




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